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About This Blog

Memories and life experiences–good or bad, sweet or bitter, significant or trivial, start to pile up in our heads as we age. They need to be sorted out properly; otherwise they clutter and jam the flow of thoughts, or worse, they fade away.  So for me blogging is a fun way to remember.

About the Author

I am a firm believer that we learn a big time from our travel. The new experiences and different cultures through travel open our world, lift our attention from ourselves to others, and inspire us to be a better person. I am often compelled to share my travels. And sometimes I wish I had done things differently. So it is my desire that you are a part of the fun and adventure, and hopefully you learn from my missteps and make your next trip more enjoyable!

I am still looking for a better way to category this blog, but for now the posts are arranged by geographic locations. To be more specific, the posts are arranged by continents. Just click on any of the category on the right or from the top of menu bar. You can also type the location on the search bar. Happy Travel!!

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