Iceland (III): the Viking Sushi Tour (West)

If you plan to visit just one town in the Snaefellsness Peninsula, I recommend Stykkisholmur. Arthur and I love seafood and sushi, so imagine our excitement when I found out about the Viking Sushi tour in town!

It was a sunny afternoon, blue sky at 55F, the weather couldn’t be better.

Bundled up in warm layers, we enjoyed ourselves up on the deck. If you don’t like wind and cold, they provided inside cabin downstairs to keep you warm and cozy.

We sailed pass a couple of small islets, our captain navigated the boat so close to the shore we could almost touch the cliff!

We saw three different kinds of birds nesting on the cliff, no puffins though.

The islets were delightful.  However, the crowning point of the tour was neither the birds nor the beautiful scenery!

Raw seafood tasting, Viking style, stole the show!

A big net was thrown into the ocean, then dragged up a few minutes later, taking with it a rich load of goodies!

There were scallops, sea urchins, starfish, crabs and mussels. Right on the boat they just cracked open the scallops and sea urchins, and handed over the scallop meat and roe of sea urchins to us!

And soy sauce, wasabi, ginger and chopsticks were provided.

We had NEVER had anything like that, so FRESH and so DELICIOUS!

Look at all the empty shells on the table!

The red sea urchin was pretty, but not edible. Also the mussels were not suitable to eat raw either.

We couldn’t finish them all, at the end the unconsumed sea creatures and all the empty shells got returned back to the ocean where they belonged.


The tour lasted two and half hours. Since we couldn’t have mussels on the boat, we had steamed Icelandic blue mussels for dinner at a restaurant by the dock.  It was nice to dine on cooked food again, hard to sustain on Viking diet.

Our tummies were full.  Content and sated. Let’s call it a day!

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